Opera Tips & Tricks

Add A Photo To Your Contacts                  *Instant Tab And Web Search
Add Buttons To View Text And HTML      *Link/Quickly Access Your IM Chats
Add History Button To Personal Bar              Middle-Click To Close Tab
Add Icons To The Opera Toolbar              Modify The Text Size In Opera
Add Open With For Other Browsers               Opera's Native Tab Manager
Always Start With The Same Pages            Protect Your Privacy In Opera
Browse The Web Using Free VPN                   Remove The Opera Menu Bar
Change The Browser Language               Reset Opera To Factory Settings
Change The Opera Browser Skin            *Smart Tab Multitasking In Opera
Default Browser Identity In Opera                Stop Images From Loading
Delete Entire Cache Menu Items                  Stop The Pop-Ups In Opera
Disable Single-Click Interface        *Take/Annotate Screenshots Natively
Find Similar Sites In Opera                 Using Picture In Picture Mode
Hide The Panel Selector Toolbar             Using The Opera Turbo Feature
Install Google Chrome Extensions                  Using The Wand In Opera
Installing Apps To The Sidebar             View Most Recent Visited Pages