Using RSS Feeds In Firefox

RSS readers are quickly becoming the best tools for staying up to date with the latest postings on your favorite Web sites and Blogs. Mozilla built a full RSS reader into its Thunderbird mail client, but Firefox can make use of RSS as well.

You may have noticed a button called "Latest Headlines" on Firefox's Bookmarks toolbar. When you click on the button, you're presented with a dynamically generated list of links to current news stories. This is what Firefox calls a Live Bookmark, and it's generated by an RSS feed. You can click through to any link on the list, or open every item all at once.

When you visit a site that has a feed, you'll see a little Live Bookmark icon in the lower right of the browser window. Click the icon and you'll see a list of all published feeds. Choose the feed you want and Firefox asks where it should store the Live Bookmark. Choose 'Bookmarks Toolbar Folder' from the 'Create In' drop-down menu and, voilà, a button for the feed appears on the toolbar. Now you can check for the latest news whenever you want.