Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

 F1               Help
 F5               Reload
 F7               Caret Browsing
 F11              Full Screen
 Esc              Stop
 Del              Delete
 Home             Go To Top Of Page
 End              Go To Bottom Of Page
 Down             Go Down One Line
 Enter            Open Link
 PageUp           Go Up One Page
 PageDown         Go Down One Page
 Backspace        Go Back
 Ctrl++           Increase Text Size
 Ctrl+-           Decrease Text Size
 Ctrl+0           Restore Text Size
 Ctrl+A           Select All
 Ctrl+B           Bookmarks
 Ctrl+C           Copy
 Ctrl+D           Add Bookmark
 Ctrl+F           Find In This Page
 Ctrl+G           Find Again
 Ctrl+H           History
 Ctrl+J           Downloads
 Ctrl+K           Web Search
 Ctrl+L           Select Location Bar
 Ctrl+M           New Mail Message
 Ctrl+N           New Window
 Ctrl+O           Open File
 Ctrl+P           Print
 Ctrl+S           Save Page As
 Ctrl+T           New Tab
 Ctrl+U           Page Source
 Ctrl+V           Paste
 Ctrl+W           Close Tab
 Ctrl+X           Cut
 Ctrl+Y           Redo
 Ctrl+Z           Undo
 Ctrl+Tab         Next Tab
 Ctrl+Enter       Open Link In New Tab
 Ctrl+Shift+G     Find Previous
 Ctrl+Shift+I     Dom Inspector
 Ctrl+Shift+W     Close Window
 Alt+Home         Homepage
 Alt+Enter        Save Link Target As
 Shift+Enter      Open Link In New Window
 Shift+Backspace  Forward