Change Appearance With UserChrome

You can use the hacks below to change the appearance of Firefox simply by creating a UserChrome file and saving to it the Firefox directory. This file does not exists by default, so you will need to create it yourself. Simply follow these steps to create the file:

 1. Open a Notepad or Wordpad window
 2. Copy all the hacks you want to use from below into Notepad
    or wordpad (be sure to add an extra line between each hack)
 3. Now save the file as 'UserChrome.css' into the appropriate
    folder for your operating system:
     Windows 95/98/ME
     C:\Windows\Application Data\Phoenix\Profiles\[profile-name]\
     Windows 2000/XP/7
     C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\Application Data\Mozilla\
 4. If any of the folders listed for your operating system do
    not exist, you can simply create that folder inside the
    previous folder
 5. Close any Firefox windows that may be open then restart
    Firefox to apply the changes
 6. If you do not like the way a certain hack looks, simply
    delete its text from the UserChrome file and restart
    Firefox for the changes to apply

Remove Bookmark Toolbar folder from Bookmark window

Add a Keyword when adding a Bookmark

Remove the Close botton on the Tab Bar and Sidebar

Remove the Stop button when there's nothing to stop

Remove the Back button when there's nothing to go back to

Remove Forward button when there's nothing to go forward to

Make the active Tab text not bold

Remove the seperators between the Toolbars

Move the Sidebar to the bottom of the window

Remove extra padding on from the Navigation bar

Remove white line under unfocused Tab

Remove The Go button

Hide Read Mail from the Tools menu

Remove Web Search from the Tools menu

Slightly rounded Address and Search Bar corners

Remove Forward and Back button dropdown arrows

Rollover Searchbar

Use Windows Classic style menus