Internet Explorer Tips & Tricks

A Favorites Homepage In IE                         IE Sluggish At Startup
Allow 10 Simultaneous Downloads                 Import Favorites With IE6
Authenticating Downloads In IE                 Lock Your Homepage Forever
Automatic Image Resizing                     Make Address Bar Text Bigger
Change Cache Size In IE7                        Pin Sites To The Taskbar
Change The Default Search Engine                Preview Prior To Printing
Clean Up The Right-Click Menu              Remove Single URL From History
Customize The IE Toolbar                    Reset New Browser Window Size
Disable AutoComplete In IE                     Resize Your Browser Window
Eliminate AutoComplete Reminder                 Restore A Lost Status Bar
Eliminate Script Error Messages                   Stay Up To Date With IE
Erase Your Online History                      The Site Won't Let You Out
Finding Similar Sites With IE                Turn Off IE's Clicking Sound
Get Website Suggestions In IE                  Using IE's Content Control
IE Password Storage Location                Using The Internet Hosts File