Change Cache Size In IE7

Internet Explorer 7 uses some of the room on your hard drive for its cache, a storage of Temporary Internet Files. This speeds up webpage display if you frequent the same pages often, as images, multimedia, and the pages themselves can be reloaded from disk instead of online. If Internet Explorer 7 is filling up your hard drive by caching too much information, if you're worried about privacy, or if you have a large hard drive with plenty of room to store more cached items, the cache size can be altered by following these steps:

 1. Click on the 'Tools' button in the Toolbar
 2. Select 'Internet Options' from the drop-down menu
 3. Click on the 'Settings' button under 'Browsing History'
 4. Enter the amount you want the cache to be in the 'Disk
    Space To Use' field
 5. Click 'OK' then 'OK' again