Google Chrome Tips & Tricks

Access All Of Your Bookmarks                     Hidden Google T-Rex Game
Add Events In Google Calendar              Install Flash Player In Chrome
Bookmark All Tabs Option                   Larger Comment Boxes In Chrome
Browsing In Incognito Mode                  Manage Tabs With Task Manager
Cast Your Screen With Chrome                    Middle-Click To Close Tab
Create Profiles For Your Kids                  Monitor Web Page Resources
Creating New Profiles                         Pinning Tabs To The Browser
Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts                   Open Accidentally Closed Tabs
Download YouTube Videos                    Search Sites Using The Omnibox
Drag Links Directly To Desktop              Secret Pages In Google Chrome
Drag Multiple Tabs At Once                   Start Up With Multiple Pages
Enable Chrome's Cloud Printing               Stop Flash From Auto Playing
Google Chrome About Pages                    Use Chrome As A Media Player
Google Chrome Browser Tabs                    Using Chrome's Task Manager
Hidden Stacked Tabs Feature                View Most Recent Visited Pages