Google Chrome About Pages

Google Chrome has some special pages that show information about memory usage, cached files, plug-ins and more. Here's a list of the most interesting about: pages available in Google Chrome, you can open them by typing the name into the address bar.

about:version      Chrome shows the version number of the browser, WebKit
                   and V8 (JavaScript engine). You can also find the
                   user-agent used by Google Chrome
about:plugins      The list of plug-ins that are available in Chrome
about:cache        A list of all the web pages cached by Chrome
about:memory       This pages compares the memory used by all the active
                   browsers and by Google Chrome's tabs.
about:stats        a list of internal counters and timers.
about:histograms   A list of histograms for Chrome's internal metrics
about:dns          Chrome prefetches the DNS records for 10 frequently
                   visited hostnames
about:network      This page could be used for I/O tracking and it's a
                   partial replacement for the Live HTTP Headers extension
about:crash        Crashes the active tab and displays an error message
about:hang         Hangs the process in the active tab
about:internets    This is an Easter egg that references two popular
                   Internet memes, Internets and Series of Tubes.